Artist Statement


I do not think of photography in conceptual terms, but rather as a source of pleasure. My work explores the dichotomy between dreamed of and realized spaces. To imagine a place or a setting, and then perhaps create it and photograph it so I can keep looking at it, is what keeps me searching everyday for my perfect place, my perfect room; the place I want to be. I want to capture the mystery in a place and wonder about its insides—it is then my curiosities allow me to create a story. And when I create a story in and from pictures from that mystery, it is then when I have personally succeeded in my craft. And I can relive these stories, over and over again.




Amber Tyrrell works predominantly in the medium of photography, but has participated in large scale color theory installations. She completed a BA in Journalism with a minor in Fine Art Photography at University of Nevada Las Vegas. During her studies she was the teaching aid to the Director of Photography, renowned artist Pasha Rafat, with whom she conducted the course History of Photography.  After college she exhibited in many showings in Las Vegas and won accolades from curators of New York Art Exchange, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, Contemporary Arts Collective Las Vegas and more.  Her photos have also been published in art and social magazines.  In 2007 she received a diploma in "Psychological Effects of Color in the Environment" from the International Association of Color Consultants-North America with the prospect of understanding all concepts within a photo.  In 2008 she left the United States to travel overseas for several years. She was born in southern Minnesota and lived 15 years in Las Vegas.  She now resides and works in Minneapolis.